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Danielle Coe

Meet Danielle Coe, Clinical Research Professional who is bringing diversity and much-needed change to her industry, and the March featured Science Sista of the month! She has founded the organizations Black Women in Clinical Research (BWICR) and Black Men in Clinical Research (BMICR), through which she has helped many professionals increase their reach and opportunities. The mission is to educate, empower, support, and help Black women and men thrive in the clinical research industry. Due to her work with BWICR/BMICR, Danielle was selected as a representative for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) Diversity Council. She was a speaker on the Diversity Network forum titled, "Can Role Models Really Make a Difference?" that resulted in BWICR becoming an ambassador for the Diversity Network.

Danielle has a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Biology/Biological Sciences from Clark Atlanta University. During her career, she has worked with members of the White House on their HBCU Initiative. Danielle is a member of the Detroit Stem Entrepreneurial Excellence Program (STEEP), which has helped guide her to become stronger as a Black woman and conquer the challenges she faces as an entrepreneur and professional. She is excited to continue to grow and learn so she can impact the world.


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