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Science Sistas, Inc. wants to provide mentorship to applicants interested in applying to professional healthcare programs. Thus, we are piloting our nationwide Mentor-Mentee Program Match! 


We are looking for professionals and professional students involved in various healthcare fields that are interested in providing down to Earth mentorship advice to the next generation of healthcare professionals! Mentors are NOT limited to women!

The program is intended to help students who are applying or have applied in the current cycle to an accredited professional healthcare institution and provide them with application help, academic advice, professional and personal development, and more. 


Mentors and mentees will be matched on a rolling basis! There is NO limit to who can request a mentor or mentee, our ONLY request is that you respect one another and abide by the guidelines laid out! 

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Mentorship Program Applicants

Get in touch so we can start working together.

To be eligible for the upcoming mentor match, the applicant must:

  • APPLY!

Due: August 15, at 11:59p EST

Region: Non-specific

How Do I Apply?

  • ​​Future Mentors click HERE

  • Future Mentees click HERE

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