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Alleviating financial barriers while empowering and advancing Black women in healthcare.

Science Sistas is...

A not-for-profit organization created to provide resources to help diminish the barrier that women face entering into graduate biomedical and professional healthcare programs—especially young Black and African women. We offer guidance and scholarships to young women who are near the completion of their undergraduate or graduate degrees and seeking entry to professional healthcare programs. For young women who may not have access to a professional mentor or who may have questions, we provide career exploration opportunities and down to Earth advice in various science disciplines.

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Our Motivation

"Financial barriers to medical education include not only medical school tuition, but also costs related to applying to schools, preparing for and taking standardized tests, and tuition for schooling prior to medical school. Not only do individual students bear these costs, but their families do, as well."

- Knight

-Source: An American Crisis: The Growing Absence of Black Men in Medicine and Science: Proceedings of a Joint Workshop

Table 2. Perceived discrimination in medical settings and related factors by race/ethnicity.

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